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News Thursday, Sep 21 2017

American Bridge Releases New Ad Highlighting Heller's Broken Promise to Get Gov. Sandoval's Support for Health Care Bills

Sep 21, 2017

American Bridge today released a new Facebook ad highlighting Dean Heller’s latest broken promise to only back health care legislation supported by Republican governors in Medicaid expansion states– like his own governor, Brian Sandoval.

In June, at a joint press conference with Governor Sandoval, Dean Heller said: “If you want my support on this legislation on health care that fixes the state of Nevada that supports these people that are on expanded Medicaid, you’ve got to make sure that the Republican Governors that have expanded this Medicaid sign off on it.”

But when Heller introduced a new disastrous health care bill last week, he couldn’t answer questions about whether Sandoval supported it, and this week, Sandoval came out against Heller’s latest legislation, sending a letter to Senate leaders asking them not to consider the bill.

Watch the ad here
“Dean Heller outright lied to Nevadans when he told them any health care legislation he’d get behind must be supported by Governor Sandoval,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “This is just the latest in a long chain of Heller’s lies and broken promises. He is more worried about playing to the extreme right wing of his party to get re-elected than he is about keeping his word to the people he represents or protecting the thousands in his state who would be left without health care. Nevadans won’t let him forget that.”

Published: Sep 21, 2017

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