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News Saturday, Jan 20 2018

American Bridge Releases Ads Hitting Vulnerable Republicans on Shutdown

Jan 20, 2018

American Bridge released new ads today hitting Republicans on the government shutdown they caused. The 15-second ads focus on the impact the shutdown could have on our country’s veterans, from delaying disability checks to hindering medical procedures.

The ads, which target Sen. Dean Heller in Nevada, Rep. Martha McSally in Arizona, and Rep. Steve Pearce in New Mexico, will target swing voters in each state on multiple social media platforms.

Watch the Heller ad here.

Watch the McSally ad here.

Watch the Pearce ad here.

“Republicans are in complete control of our government and they can’t hide from their responsibility for this dangerous shutdown that’s hurting the most vulnerable Americans, including our veterans,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “This shutdown is the direct result of the GOP’s infighting, their total inability to govern, and their insistence on funding an ineffective border wall that the President promised Mexico would pay for. Count on Democrats to hold them accountable for as long as this shutdown lasts — and count on voters to hold them accountable at the ballot box in November.”

As the shutdown continues, American Bridge plans more ads targeting additional Republican candidates for Senate and Governor in battleground states.

Published: Jan 20, 2018

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