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News Tuesday, Apr 17 2018

American Bridge Launches Social Media Ads & Grassroots Petition Demanding Rick Scott Disclose His Wealth

Apr 17, 2018

Today, American Bridge launched a social media ad campaign and a grassroots petition holding Rick Scott accountable for hiding his vast personal wealth from the public.

The campaign will display ads on Facebook and Twitter that direct Floridians to a digital petition that allows Floridians to demand Rick Scott disclose his wealth.

“While Rick Scott’s been hiding his investments from Floridians as governor, his net worth has gone up $46 million. It’s time for Rick Scott to come clean and disclose his massive personal wealth. Floridians deserve to know just how many conflicts of interest Scott really has — and which industries and special interests he has put ahead of them,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

As governor, Rick Scott has dodged disclosure requirements and ducked scrutiny of his conflicts of interests by placing his assets in a “blind trust ” that isn’t blind at all — in fact, it is run by his close personal friend and former employee. Rick Scott’s trust is only blind to the people of Florida, and he’s repeatedly made investments in land and companies connect to State of Florida business — from oil drilling in the Everglades to approving tax breaks for a company in which he owned nearly a million dollars of stock. What other conflicts of interest — and unsavory investments — is Rick Scott hiding?

Click here to view the petition. The Facebook and Twitter ads appear below:

Published: Apr 17, 2018

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