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Tuesday, Apr 26 2016

American Bridge Invites Sen. Grassley To Share RNC Accomodations

Apr 26, 2016

Hoping to dodge Donald Trump or Ted Cruz’s nomination and an assuredly divisive Republican convention, Senator Chuck Grassley last week announced he might skip the RNC’s July confab in Cleveland. Grassley’s already campaigned alongside Trump, so it seems pointless and futile for him to try distancing himself now — but that’s exactly what he’s doing.

The senator from Iowa’s unconvincing excuse is that he just doesn’t want to pay for a motel room for five nights — something he was willing to do during his streak of consecutive attendances that dates back to 1980. But, who knows, maybe hotel rooms will be hard to come by.

Still, Speaker Paul Ryan and others would like to see Grassley present to rally the establishment behind the GOP nominee, so American Bridge has decided to throw Grassley a bone and invite him to join us at a loft that we’ve rented the week.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler’s letter of invitation to Senator Grassley is available in full here, with an excerpt included below:

We at American Bridge would strongly urge you to attend [this summer’s Republican National Convention]. For the sake of Republican Party unity it seems only right that you, a party elder, should be present to ensure your party comes together behind its nominee — even if he or she ends up being a misogynistic xenophobe like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Hiding is futile.

American Bridge cordially invites you to join us in loft accommodations that we’ve secured for the duration of the convention. Whether you care to stay just one night — or all four — we’d welcome you with open arms.

Published: Apr 26, 2016

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