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AB Leadership Joe Biden Thursday, Mar 3 2022

American Bridge Expands Paid Media Efforts With $5 Million Ad Buy

Mar 03, 2022

Today, American Bridge 21st Century announced a $5 million paid media ad buy as part of a larger 8-figure paid media program in 2022. Beginning on Wednesday March 9th, American Bridge 21st Century will be airing television, radio, and digital ads in the key battleground markets of Pittsburgh, Erie, and Johnstown Pennsylvania, Savannah and Augusta Georgia, and, beginning March 15th, in Tucson, Arizona and Reno, Nevada.

The first primaries of 2022 were held in Texas on Tuesday – the midterms are officially underway. Building off of that momentum as well as President Biden’s State of the Union address, these ads feature real people in each of these states telling their story of how Joe Biden is delivering for them and their communities – by lowering costs and supporting the American economy as we emerge from this pandemic. This is the opening salvo of an eight figure buy that will air in these markets. 


Western Pennsylvania voters will meet Brandon, a double amputee veteran who lives in Elizabeth. Brandon met then-Vice President Biden when he was recovering from his injuries at Walter Reed hospital. Even though he is a Republican, Brandon knows Biden is always thinking about what’s best for Pennsylvania families and veterans. 


Jen owns a business in Augusta, Georgia and is grateful Joe Biden is looking out for middle class Americans, by taking bold steps to get the economy moving and lower costs for families. 

“After the disaster left by the last administration, President Biden’s policies have created millions of good-paying jobs and saved us from an economic catastrophe. Thanks to the leadership of President Biden, we’re on track for the fastest economic recovery we’ve ever seen and Republicans have opposed it every step of the way,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd. “Ahead of these critical midterm elections, American Bridge is ensuring that voters know that while Republicans play politics – Democrats are committed to delivering for American families. We are going to make sure that voters know who is on their side by highlighting the voices of Arizonans, Georgians, Nevadans and Pennsylvanians.”


Published: Mar 3, 2022

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