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Thursday, Jul 15 2021

American Bridge 21st Century Statements On Release of Child Tax Credit

Jul 15, 2021

Co-chairs Gov. Steve Bullock, Gov. Deval Patrick, Tom Perez, Cecile Richards, and President Jessica Floyd Celebrate the American Rescue Plan’s Child Tax Credits Hitting Bank Accounts 

Today marks the first day that families will begin to receive checks under the expanded Child Tax Credit as a part of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. To celebrate this once-in-a-generation investment in American families by the Biden-Harris Administration, American Bridge 21st Century co-chairs Governor Steve Bullock, Governor Deval Patrick, Tom Perez, Cecile Richards, and President Jessica Floyd released the following statements:

“This historic investment in the next generation of Americans is also a historic investment in rural America,” said Governor Steve Bullock. “With rural communities facing higher child poverty rates and widespread childcare deserts, this tax cut for working families is delivering help to those who need it most — and doing it without raising taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. The Biden-Harris Administration, along with Democrats in Congress, has delivered support that will impact nearly 95% of children in rural America while providing much-needed tax cuts to rural workers hit hardest by the pandemic.” 

“President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats in Congress are delivering on their promise and now millions of parents will get an extra $3,000 to $3,600 for every child every year,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “Helping parents cover child care is another example of the Biden team choosing to invest in us. That’s why the economy is growing faster than at any time in the last 40 years, and how we build back better.”

“Today, because of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, families will start to receive the largest child tax credit ever — a historic lifeline for working parents,” said Tom Perez. “By expanding this tax cut and putting money back in parents’ pockets, the Biden-Harris administration will lift millions of children out of poverty, strengthen the economic security of low-wage workers, and reduce racial income disparities. While the Trump administration gave tax cuts to the wealthy few, President Biden is cutting taxes for those who need it the most while ensuring corporations and those earning more than $400,000 a year are paying their fair share. Families are bouncing back stronger from this global pandemic because Democrats are rewarding work, not wealth.”

“Starting today, the expanded Child Tax Credit will provide immediate checks to families, supporting nearly 9 in 10 children and cutting child poverty in half,” said Cecile Richards. “Thirty-nine million families in this country will feel the direct impact of this legislation for generations to come –– especially women looking to reenter the workforce and families struggling to make ends meet. Thanks to the leadership of President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats in Congress, this critical financial relief will be a lifeline for working parents and ensure they receive real, sustainable support that puts checks in pockets and food on the table –– all without raising taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year.”

“The Child Tax Credit is for working parents like Lauren and Amy who will receive financial support to help with the cost of child care, health care bills, and other critical needs,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd. “As President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats in Congress continue to enact popular legislation that will get our country back on track, it’s important to remember that every Republican voted against it. That is why American Bridge 21st Century will hold them accountable while also lifting up the stories we hear every day from real people experiencing recovery and relief. Voters in key swing states will know that Democrats delivered a tax cut for working families without a single Republican vote.”

Already, American Bridge 21st Century has launched a $100 million paid media campaign in key swing states to highlight the administration’s accomplishments. Ads in VirginiaArizonaPennsylvania and Georgia focus on the families, small businesses, and communities that benefit from provisions, like the Child Tax Credit, found in President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ American Rescue Plan. 

Published: Jul 15, 2021

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