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Friday, Jul 23 2021

American Bridge 21st Century Releases New Pennsylvania Ad

Jul 23, 2021

In ‘Naomi’, a Bucks County Mother of Three Touts Middle Class Tax Cut in the American Rescue Plan

Today, American Bridge 21st Century Foundation released a new ad highlighting the American Rescue Plan’s expanded child tax credit and how it will provide support for hard working mothers and families across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, along with a new website giving Pennsylvanians information about the expanded Child Tax Credit and explaining how to receive benefits. 

In the ad, Naomi, a mom of three, explains how the middle class tax cut from President Biden helped pay for childcare so she can follow her dreams of becoming a travel nurse.

The ad is a part of a new seven figure investment educating Pennsylvanians on the Child Tax Credit, and adds to the previously-announced nine figure investment in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia on TV, radio, and digital that targets a diverse group of suburban women and highlights President Biden’s recent actions and the impact on middle class families, small business owners, and workers. 

Watch ‘Naomi’ Here:

“Thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, families across this country will be receiving a transformative child tax cut that helps to alleviate the costs of child care, health care, and other necessities,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd. “President Biden have put women like Naomi first, providing real relief to parents through this tax cut for working families–which puts money in their pockets. American Bridge 21st Century will ensure that these families get the information they need to receive the child tax credit and  that they hear the success stories that this tax cut has made possible.” 

“President Biden has cut taxes for families like mine with kids,” said Naomi, a Bucks County working mom also attending school. “It’s a tax credit that can help with my everyday costs. This is money to help with childcare so I can continue to go to school. This is going to put money in people’s pockets.”

The American Rescue Plan provides $5.1 billion for Pennsylvania’s public schools and $13 billion for state and local governments. The plan also delivered nearly $14 billion in direct payments — a game changer for workers — and included a middle class tax cut that will put hundreds of dollars into the bank account of a majority of Pennsylvania families, while also lifting over 100,000 children out of poverty

In addition to this ad, to highlight the above accomplishments in key swing states, American Bridge 21st Century has launched a $100 million paid media campaign geared towards the 2022 midterms. So far, ads in Virginia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia focus on the families, small businesses, and communities that benefit from provisions, like the Child Tax Credit, found in President Biden’s American Rescue Plan. 

Published: Jul 23, 2021 | Last Modified: Jul 26, 2021

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