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Thursday, Dec 16 2021

American Bridge 21st Century Announces Influencer Initiative

Dec 16, 2021

Today, American Bridge 21st Century announced a new paid media program in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania using influencers and podcasters to target a diverse group of women who will determine control of Congress in the 2022 midterm elections

The goal of the influencer initiative is a six-figure media program to reach disengaged voters through testimonial ads. The content features trusted, nonpolitical voices who will focus on the positive economic impact of Democratic legislation on families and educate their audiences on President Biden’s record of results.  

American Bridge 21st Century commissioned a study this year of women in key battleground states to learn how they get their news.  These women have low trust from traditional news sources, like newspapers, national networks, and local TV news, yet reported higher levels of trust in ads from influencers and podcast hosts. 39% of these women reported listening to podcasts in the last week and 55% reported following influencers; they view their favorite podcasters and influencers as trusted, nonpolitical messengers.

The latest influencer ad buy features three past Bachelorette contestants who use their platforms to explain how the American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill help small businesses recover, lower costs for working families, guarantee high-speed internet for all, and expand access to clean water. 


“Voters are harder to reach and less likely to trust typical political ads. At American Bridge 21st Century, we know that women voters are key – but if we want to prevent 2010, we can’t use the same tired tactics we used in 2010,”said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd. “We have to meet voters where they are and build trust with them, which requires new and creative strategies to reach the voters who delivered our victories in 2018 and 2020 and who will decide our fate in 2022.”

Alongside the influencer program, American Bridge 21st Century placed an 8-week ad that will run on the Finding Arizona podcast. The ad highlights different ways workers, families, and communities benefit from the American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. 


Published: Dec 16, 2021 | Last Modified: Dec 21, 2021

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