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Friday, May 27 2022

After Uvalde Massacre, 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Address NRA Convention

May 27, 2022

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Previously Signed Legislation Ease Restrictions On Where Guns Could Be Carried – Including In Texas Schools.

Ted Cruz Is Largest Recipient of Gun Lobbyist Money in the Congress.

Donald Trump Opposed Banning the AR-15, the Gun Used in the Murders.

Kristi Noem Signed Legislation To Subsidize Concealed Carry Permits

Just days after the massacre in Uvalde that claimed the lives of 21 people, 2024 presidential contenders Kristi Noem, Greg Abbott, and Ted Cruz are poised to address the NRA convention in Houston. Donald Trump, who has already declared his intention to seek the GOP nomination in 2024, is also slated to speak. 

American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Drew Godinich released the following statement:

“Texans are in mourning, 19 children are dead. And before the bodies are even buried, the leadership of the Republican Party is bowing to the NRA. Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz have failed our state, and have proven they have no shame, no self-respect, and no business in public life.

“Kristi Noem is an opportunistic politician who is fleeing a censure in her own state after using her office to enrich her family. 

“Donald Trump is working overtime to avoid the increasingly nasty primary fight that awaits him in 2024. He believes the lives of more than a dozen children are a small price to pay for the resuscitation of his political career.”

It will come as no surprise that these Republican Party officials have weakened common sense gun violence prevention laws at every turn:

As governor, Greg Abbott has been an unashamed enabler of gun violence in Texas. He said he was “embarrassed” that Texas lags behind California in gun purchases. He signed legislation to allow Texans to carry handguns without a permit, to bar the state from contracting with businesses that “discriminate” against the gun industry, and to prevent hotels from barring guns on their premises, among others. 

Greg Abbott also signed legislation to ease restrictions on where weapons could be carried, including in Texas schools.

Ted Cruz is the largest recipient of gun lobbyist money in Congress.

Donald Trump oversaw nearly 40,000 gun deaths as President. Despite promising to enact some gun restrictions, he refused. Four of the worst mass shootings in US history occurred under his watch. He signed orders to make it easier for those with a history of mental illness to purchase guns, and opposed banning weapons the AR-15, the gun used in the Uvalde massacre.

As governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem signed legislation to wipe away fees for making concealed weapon carry permitsprohibit local governments from seizing weapons and ammo, even from violent criminals, and legislation that allowed concealed weapons in the South Dakota Capitol.


Published: May 27, 2022 | Last Modified: Jun 9, 2022

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