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News Thursday, Nov 30 2017

Adam Putnam Silent on Senate Tax Bill That Would Devastate Florida's Schools and Farms

Nov 30, 2017

This week, the U.S. Senate is voting on a tax bill that would give tax breaks to the rich at the expense of the working class. The bill slashes student loan deductions, making it harder for low and middle-income students to get ahead. But it gets even worse.

The bill eliminates the state and local tax (SALT) deduction, the Senate bill could demolish public schools in Florida. New data shows that this bill puts over $907 million dollars in annual state revenue for public schools at risk. That totals up to $330 per student and risks the jobs of 6,508 teachers.

Rep. Ron DeSantis voted on the House version of the tax bill, which would take away the deduction for Floridians who have uninsured losses from natural disasters like Hurricanes – which have devastated homes, businesses, and orange groves. But what has Adam Putnam, Florida’s own Ag Commissioner and gubernatorial hopeful, said about the bill? Not a word.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following comment:

“Adam Putnam’s complicit silence on a bill that could devastate Florida’s public schools and make it harder for farmers to recover from a natural disaster is shameful. Putnam can’t govern a state – he can’t even stand up for Floridians.”

Published: Nov 30, 2017

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