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Saturday, Apr 7 2012

ABC News: Romney Not The ‘Best Messenger’ For Harvard Attacks On Obama

Apr 07, 2012

On April 6, 2012, ABC News reported:

Mitt Romney has made a habit of following up heady Republican primary victories with foot-in-mouth comments – and this week was no exception. He ripped President Obama for spending “too much time at Harvard,” even though Romney logged even more years at the Ivy League school.



If the president “spent too much time at Harvard” by earning a law school degree there in three years, then what does it say about Romney, who spent four years there getting two advanced degrees as part of a JD/MBA program,  donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Cambridge institution and sent three of his sons to business school there?

Read the full article here.

Published: Apr 7, 2012

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