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Monday, Nov 14 2022

AB21 Launches Citizen Tracker Tip Line Ahead of Trump 2024 Announcement

Nov 14, 2022

Donald Trump may announce his 2024 presidential campaign on Tuesday, so American Bridge 21st Century is doing what we do best: holding him accountable.

Today, American Bridge is launching a tip line for anyone who can get inside of Mar-a-Lago and has observations to share. Incendiary quotes, insulting actions, or criminal behavior will be of particular interest. Citizen trackers who are getting in the fight to hold Trump accountable can submit their Mar-a-Lago tips to 202-747-2065 or [email protected]. 

“American Bridge is inviting folks who want to hold Trump accountable to send us tips about anything interesting or newsworthy they see at Trump’s announcement on Tuesday,” said Drew Godinich, Senior Director of Communications at American Bridge 21st Century. “We know that thanks to Trump’s 2024 announcement, Palm Beach will be crawling with fringe weirdos and, potentially, known right wing lunatics like the My Pillow guy, Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone, and many more. If you’re in South Florida and want to join American Bridge in the fight to hold Trump accountable, you should head to Mar-a-Lago—and let us know what you’re seeing and hearing.”

Trump is announcing his next losing presidential bid with a backdrop of countless embarrassing midterm defeats. According to reporting from CNN, “former President Donald Trump’s endorsements for political candidates in close high-profile races have not yet given Republicans the swift and sweeping victories they had anticipated for this election cycle, despite many GOP hopefuls banking on his support to propel their campaigns.” In fact, his endorsement and involvement in the midterms led to painful losses for GOP candidates all over the country.

In the months prior to the midterms, Trump has been illegally campaigning as a presidential candidate. In March, American Bridge filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission to investigate potential campaign finance violations by the Trump campaign. In July, we filed suit against the FEC to compel them to hold Donald Trump accountable for his continued violation of federal election law.

American Bridge 21st Century is prepared for today’s announcement with a presidential research team in place. Earlier this year, in response to Trump backed election denying candidates, American Bridge launched Bridge to Democracy. This program holds election deniers running for critical election administration positions across the country accountable. Bridge to Democracy was crucial in bringing to light research that shaped and ultimately won key races that will play major roles in certifying the presidential election results in 2024.

Published: Nov 14, 2022

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