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Wednesday, Apr 6 2016

A Delirious Man: Priebus Insists Contested Convention Would Be Orderly And Unifying

Apr 06, 2016

Even before yesterday’s Wisconsin primary win for Ted Cruz, the RNC was huddling with “two dozen veteran” establishment operatives to discuss the GOP’s path forward in terms of weathering a potentially disastrous contested convention. Cruz’s big win only narrowed Trump’s chances at securing the nomination outright, further setting the GOP on a trajectory of chaos and disunity.

The RNC, however, still maintains that the nominating process will somehow be orderly and transparent. RNC Chair Reince Priebus has reaffirmed his belief that “[Trump] and all the candidates are not going to back away from the unity pledge.” And just last night, Priebus “for the tenth time” ruled out a dark horse candidate at convention: “Our nominee is going to be someone running. And as far as this Paul Ryan talk, let me just say it again for the tenth time: number one, he’s not running; number two, he doesn’t want to; number three, he doesn’t like this talk and wants it to end…it’s ridiculous.”

Despite Priebus’s insistence, a number of reports suggest a divisive convention is near-inevitable at this stage. And that means convention chaos, ultimately delivering the GOP establishment either Trump or Cruz — in either instance a divisive, anti-immigrant xenophobe that they hate — as their party’s nominee:

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Published: Apr 6, 2016

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