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News Voting Rights Wednesday, Feb 3 2016

146 Years After the 15th Amendment, The GOP Assault On Voting Rights Is Going Strong

Feb 03, 2016

Today marks the 146th anniversary of the ratification of the 15th Amendment, which was intended to extend voting rights to all Americans. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 made significant steps to bring that aim closer to a reality, but obstacles still remain — with progress slowed by setbacks such as a 2013 Supreme Court decision that “effectively struck down the heart” of the law.

With Republican governors and state legislatures promoting undemocratic voter ID laws and other voter suppression measures, it’s more important than ever that Congress act to secure Americans fundamental right to vote…

…but don’t expect any of these Senators and Senate candidates to do anything about it

  • Senator Kelly Ayotte voted to support a federal voter ID law that would have required voters to possess a a government-issued photo ID to participate in federal elections. 
  • Senator Ron Johnson similarly supported barring participation in the democratic process to anyone without a government-issued photo ID. Johnson also supports state-level voter ID laws and supported such a measure in Wisconsin. 
  • Senator Richard Burr voted to support voter ID requirements for federal elections. 
  • Senator Pat Toomey voted against a measure that could have strengthened electoral participation by re-enfranchising voters. 
  • Senator Mark Kirk voted to support preventing individuals without a government-issued photo ID from voting. 
  • Senator Roy Blunt voted against a measure to provide funding for voter re-enfranchisement. 
  • Representative Joe Heck sponsored a bill that would have required Nevada voters to show voter identification at the polls. 
  • Colorado State Senator Tim Neville voted to advance a voter ID law that would have required the presentation of photo identification in order to vote. Neville also opposed legislation that supporters said would help limit voter suppression. Neville has also sponsored legislation to increase oversight on mail-in ballots by changing the signature verification procedure on such ballots. 
  • Colorado State Representative Jon Keyser opposed legislation mandating the use of mail-in ballots, likening their efficiency to that of the “Pony Express.” 

Published: Feb 3, 2016

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