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Monday, Aug 31 2020

10 (More) Unhinged Things AZ Rep. Blackman Said on Facebook in August

Aug 31, 2020

Arizona State Representative Walt Blackman (LD-6) took to Facebook this month to threaten those seeking abortions with jail time, equate sex education with pornography, defend the Kenosha, WI shooter, rail against racial justice advocates, and more. 

Here’s the worst of the worst. Click here to view July’s edition.

  1. “So if you want to spout ‘my body, my choice’ the consequence is you need to spend some time in our Arizona penal system.” (8/25/20, LINK
  1. “Comprehensive sex education is another form of pornography… these programs do nothing but prep these kids to be victims of pedophiles, that’s what it does.” (8/25/20, LINK
  1. “If we don’t get out and vote, we are saying: you know what, it is okay that the liberal left wants to teach my kid how to masturbate… to teach them that everything is perfectly normal when someone is inappropriately touching you.”  (8/7/20, LINK
  1. “… or type in the young man who was trying to defend himself and had to fire his AR to defend himself. But guess what, now he’s facing charges when a mob was trying to kill him.” (8/28/20, LINK
  1. “They say I hate Black people. No, I hate dumb Black people, I hate Black people that riot.” (8/27/20, LINK
  1. “To those out there who are collecting an unemployment check and you can go back to work, your days are numbered because I’m coming after you.” (8/17/20, LINK)
  1. “There is no such thing as White Privilege. So why would anyone subscribe to this Idiotic nonsensical B.S?” (8/2/20, LINK)
  1. “The most dangerous place for a black American is in the mother’s womb.” (8/5/20, LINK
  1. On marijuana legalization: “Say you have somebody that is a convicted murderer, child molester, what have you, and they have marijuana somewhere in their charge. What this bill is saying is that a complete pardon.” (8/17/20, LINK) 
  1. “If Biden wins this election, he is not going to be controlling the United States of America nor will his crazy radical left Vice President pick. The people who will be running the United States are former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.” (8/24/20, LINK

Published: Aug 31, 2020

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