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News Friday, Aug 26 2016

​McCain's Week Of Growling And Denying (Spoiler Alert: All because of Trump)

Aug 26, 2016

John McCain has proven he’s no independent maverick, abandoning the title for another one:

Trump loyalist.

While he tries to sell his national security background to voters, he simulatenously denies knowing about Russian connections of Trump’s previous campaign chair, and still close adviser, Paul Manafort. But, as Huffington Post Hill Reporter Amanda Terkel uncovered, McCain’s knowledge of Manafort’s Russian involvement dates back to 2005.

McCain’s awkward navigation of the presidential race aside — it’s clear he’s fully committed to the GOP nominee, Donald Trump. He might occasionally “growl” at reporters when he’s questioned, but voters can only take him at his word. And his word is that he wants Trump as Commander-in-Chief.

McCain should brace himself for more incoming questions on Trump, especially in light of Trump’s new chief executive and alt right hero, Steve Bannon.  (Read more from American Bridge about Trump’s ties to white nationalists here.)

Published: Aug 26, 2016

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