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News Friday, Mar 17 2017

​​​What Voters Are Reading About Trump's Disastrous Budget

Mar 17, 2017

Following the Trump administration’s disastrous rollout of its budget proposal yesterday, voters are waking up to sobering headlines about how the budget cuts will affect communities around the country. From heating homes in New Hampshire households, to assistance provided to low-income and elderly people in Ohio, to public health concerns and water safety in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump’s budget is being exposed as a disaster for working class families in every corner of the country.

While millions of Americans stand to lose under the proposed budget, the real question is how Republican Senators and Congressmen will respond to voters’ concerns about the cuts? If they’re reading the same headlines as the American people, they should get ready to answer some tough questions from their constituents.

Here are just a few of the headlines from this morning’s newspapers:

New Hampshire Union Leader: Trump budget proposes cutting home heating help to nearly 28,000 NH households

Concord Monitor: Hassan, Shaheen attack Trump’s budget proposal

Baltimore Sun: Maryland Public Television would lose $3 million under proposed Trump budget

Orlando Sentinel: AARP says Trumpcare cuts, ‘age tax’ will hit Florida hardest

Tampa Bay Times: From Florida, bipartisan bashing of Trump’s budget plan

Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: Trump budget cuts put Florida coast at risk

Miami Herald: Florida scientists fear hurricane forecasts, climate research will suffer under Trump

Columbus Dispatch: Ohio would lose funding for heating aid, arts, Lake Erie clean-up under Trump budget

“The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative — now a $300 million undertaking to clean up and keep invasive species from the world’s largest single source of fresh surface water — would be zeroed out, despite the fact that the project directly benefits the same upper industrial Midwestern states — Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin — that elevated Trump to the presidency in November.” – Columbus Dispatch

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Trump budget would devastate public broadcasting, local stations say

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Cleveland’s poor, elderly would be hurt by Trump’s proposed budget cuts, city officials say

Cleveland Plain Dealer: The Trump administration’s budget would zero out money to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

“Despite his claims to increase infrastructure spending $1 trillion in the next decade, Trump’s proposed budget does not include any increases to transportation funding.” – Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Trump’s budget also would nix the Appalachian Regional Commission, a federal-state-local partnership aimed at serving as a regional economic-development agency for 13 Appalachian states, including Ohio, where all but two Appalachian counties voted for Trump.” – Columbus Dispatch

“It’s not entirely in line with Trump’s campaign pledges. It would make a big down payment on the U.S.-Mexico border wall, which Trump repeatedly promised the Mexicans would pay for. American taxpayers will, at least for now. Thursday’s proposal calls for an immediate $1.4 billion infusion.” – Akron Beacon Journal

The proposed budget would close numerous county offices that help farmers and rural residents navigate farm subsidy and rural development programs. – Akron Beacon Journal

Detroit News: Trump’s budget plan hurts Michigan, Great Lakes cleanup

Michigan Live: Trump’s budget cuts would ‘dramatically affect’ University of Michigan

Michigan Live: Five ways Donald Trump’s budget proposal could impact Michigan

Michigan Live: Trump budget eliminates Great Lakes cleanup funds

PennLive: ‘It’s entirely a vendetta’: Pittsburgh arts organizations react to Trump’s proposed budget

PennLive: ‘There would be places that would lose public media entirely’: WITF CEO on Trump’s proposed budget

PennLive: Drink water in Pennsylvania? Trump’s budget puts your health at risk, regulator says

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Proposed HUD cuts would hit close to home in Western Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Inquirer: Trump EPA cuts could have even bigger trickle-down impact on Pa., N.J.

Philadelphia Inquirer: “Trump’s proposed budget would cut funding for the National Institutes of Health, a major funder for Philadelphia’s medical schools and research hospitals, by $5.8 billion or 19 percent.”

CBS Philadelphia: “One of the most devastating cuts would be to a program that provides heating assistance for the poor…Some 75,000 Philadelphians rely on [LIHEAP] to stay warm and avert tragedies such as carbon monoxide poisoning, or fires caused by unsafe heat sources.”

The Morning Call: Trump budget would deliver “huge blow” to Lehigh Valley art, education and social programs

Reno Gazette-Journal: $500k for Reno homeless shelter axed from Trump budget

Las Vegas Sun: Trump takes a gamble in cutting programs his base relies on

Las Vegas Sun: Local housing officials wary of proposed Trump cuts

WKSU Ohio: President Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Hurt Ohio’s Neediest

Virginian-Pilot: Many Trump voters would feel program cuts in budget proposal

“Trump also wants to eliminate funding for the Appalachian Regional Commission…the agency has spent more than $4 billion on Appalachia, which in turn has leveraged $16 billion in private funding. In that time, poverty rates have been cut nearly in half…The percentage of high school graduates has doubled…The infant mortality rate there has been cut by two-thirds. All that counts as success.” – Roanoke Times

WHSV Virginia: Trump budget cuts funding for EPA’s Chesapeake Bay program

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Trump budget axes funding for Chesapeake Bay cleanup

Roanoke Times: Federal budget would affect Roanoke after-school program, research and regional commission

Petersburg Progress Index: Trump budget cuts all federal funding for Chesapeake Bay Previous

U.S. News & World Report: Trump Budget Cuts Funding for EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program

KPNX Arizona: Trump’s Budget Cuts Immigration Aid, Stunning Arizona Sheriff

KVOA Arizona: “Sashing funds for the departments of State, Agriculture, Labor, Health and Human Services, Commerce and Education.”

PBS Arizona: Trump budget targets grant benefiting 35,000 Arizona college students

“Advocates for children are concerned about the future of well-known programs like Head Start, and others that have proven effective in assisting new parents and preventing child abuse.” – Arizona Public News Service

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Trump’s proposed cuts would slice $70 million out of more than a half billion dollars in Pell Grants for Missouri students, and that Trump-proposed cuts in the Environmental Protection Agency could reduce federal aid to Missouri by $15 million.”

KSHB Missouri: Kansas City metro programs for struggling families and elderly on the chopping block

KY7 Missouri: “Trump’s proposed budget would cut funding for Meals on Wheels…In Springfield, the Southside Senior Center alone delivers up to 200 meals a day, and their waiting list for the program keeps growing.”

Harrisburg Patriot-News: Drink water in Pennsylvania? Trump’s budget puts your health at risk, regulator says

Central Pennsylvania Business Journal: Proposed budget cuts could land hard in Central Pa.

Rapid City Journal: “Montana has more at risk than most states as the Trump Administration takes aim at the Environmental Protection Agency.”

Star Press (Indiana): Trump budget would eliminate Muncie Community Development program

WBAA Indiana: Indiana Researchers Warily Eye Prospective NIH Funding Cuts

WBOI Indiana: Advocates Say Trump Budget Cuts Will Hurt Country’s Most Vulnerable

Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Trump’s plan guts agency boosting Arkansas Delta region

Published: Mar 17, 2017

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