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Kari Lake

Kari Lake’s undying loyalty and her penchant for constantly relitigating elections she and Trump lost would make her a perfect fit as Donald Trump’s vice president. Coupled with her anti-abortion extremism, Lake may be a big player in another Trump administration.


Kari Lake On Abortion

Lake Touted The Overturning Of Roe v. Wade

Lake Thanked Trump For Appointing Justices Who Overturned Roe v. Wade

Lake Thanked Trump For Appointing “Three Supreme Court Justices, All Of Whom Bravely Voted To Strike Down Roe vs. Wade.” According to the Arizona Republic, “Kari Lake, Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for governor: ‘Today is a historic day for life, and humanity, throughout this country. Laws on the right to life will now be decided at the state level, and as the next governor of Arizona, I will sign bills to protect life when they land on my desk. I want to give a special thank you to President Trump who appointed three Supreme Court Justices, all of whom bravely voted to strike down Roe vs. Wade today and give the Pro-life movement, the unborn, and all of our great country the gift of protecting life that so many have worked so long to achieve.’” [Arizona Republic, 6/24/22]

Lake Supported State Efforts To Restrict Abortion

Lake Supported Arizona’s Near-Total Abortion Ban Which Allowed No Exceptions For Rape Or Incest

AUDIO: Lake Was “Incredibly Thrilled” To Support Arizona’s Near-Total Abortion Ban. According to Lake via YouTube, “LAKE: I’m incredibly thrilled that we are going to have a great law that’s already on the books. I believe it’s ARS 13-3603. So it will prohibit abortion in Arizona except to save the life of a mother. And I think we’re going to be setting the– paving the way and setting course for other states to follow.” [Arizona Democratic Party via YouTube, 1/10/24]

VIDEO: Lake Called Arizona’s Abortion Ban “A Great Law.” According to the Center for Arizona Policy via YouTube, “LAKE: Obviously, I think Roe v. Wade should be overturned and I think the Supreme Court I have a good feeling that they’re gonna do the right thing this time. And again, I’ll echo what Steve just said. We have a great law on the books right now. If that happens, we will be a state where we will not be taking the lives of our unborn anymore.” [American Leadership Forum via YouTube, 2/5/22]

Kari Lake On Health Care

Lake Called To Repeal The Affordable Care Act Which Expanded Medicaid To Over 21 Million Americans

November 2022: Lake Called To Repeal The Affordable Care Act

November 2022: Lake: “We Need A Red Wave, And We Need To Overturn Obamacare And Come Up With Something Better.” According to the Huffington Post, “Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake called for repealing the Affordable Care Act at a campaign event on Monday, bringing up an issue all but forgotten by her Republican Party. ‘We need a red wave, and we need to overturn Obamacare and come up with something better,’ Lake said at a campaign event in Scottsdale. Her comments drew no audible reaction from the crowd.” [Huffington Post, 11/2/22]

October 2023: Lake Said That The Affordable Care Act Should Have Been Repealed Under Trump

AUDIO: October 2023: Lake: “We Had An Opportunity Under President Trump When He First Got In To Repeal Obamacare And Find A Better Alternative.” According to Lake via SoundCloud, “LAKE: We had an opportunity under President Trump when he first got in to repeal Obamacare and find a better alternative. And unfortunately, at the time, there were too many people secretly working against President Trump at that time.” [SoundCloud, 10/23/23]

Kari Lake On January 6 & Democracy

Lake Spread Lies About The 2020 Election

Lake Echoed Trump’s Rhetoric That The 2020 Election Was “Stolen”

CNN Called Lake A “Serial Promoter Of Election Lies” 

CNN: HEADLINE: “Fact-Checking Kari Lake, Serial Promoter Of Election Lies And Early Frontrunner In GOP Primary For Arizona Governor.” [CNN, 10/16/21]

Lake Claimed The 2020 Election Was “Stolen”

Arizona Republic: “Lake Has Promoted False Election Conspiracy Theories And Claims That Trump Actually Won The 2020 Election.” According to the Arizona Republic, “Lake has promoted false election conspiracy theories and claims that Trump actually won the 2020 election. She wants to ban any election counting equipment that relies on computer software and has called for election audits in other states. She also said she would deploy the Arizona National Guard to the border, which Ducey has done during both the Trump and Biden administrations.” [Arizona Republic, 10/25/21]

Lake: “America Loves President Trump. America Knows The 2020 Election Was Stolen.” According to Lake’s Twitter, “So great to spend time with President Trump yesterday. The crowd at The Kentucky Derby went wild chanting USA! USA! USA! America loves President Trump. America knows the 2020 election was stolen. America knows President Trump was the true winner.” Quote Tweet Paris @ParisDenard – May 7 “President Donald J. Trump at the #KentuckyDerby spotted along with @RichardGrenell @kimguilfoyle @KariLake and Ambassador Kelly Knight Craft.” [Twitter, @KariLake, 5/8/22

 VIDEO: Lake Said The Election Was “Stolen.” According to a Lake town hall in Prescott, AZ via YouTube, “LAKE: We’re winning in the court of public opinion. Truly, you all, most of you know how it was stolen now, because you’ve been shown how it was stolen, maybe lived it. And so that’s a really big part of it. That’s a really big part of it. Our court cases are continuing. What percent of Republicans believe the elections are rigged? They know it’s 60 plus percent of independents and 40 plus percent of Democrats who don’t believe our elections are fair. […] We’ve got Shelby Bush here. Can I hand the mic to her for two seconds? This woman, do you all know Shelby Bush? I got seven sisters. I don’t need an additional sister, but she’s like a sister to me. She’s been involved in this since the 2020 election was stolen in trying to save our elections.” [Lake at a Prescott Town Hall via YouTube, 2/2/24]

Lake Continued To Deny The Results In Subsequent Elections

Lake Called The 2022 Election “Stolen” And “Corrupt”

Lake Shared An Article That Called The 2022 Election “Stolen.” Kari Lake tweeted, “Why Kari Lake Is Running for Senate AND Fighting the 2022 Stolen Election – The Liberty Daily.” [Twitter, @KariLake, 11/24/23]

VIDEO: 2024: Lake Claimed That The 2022 Elections Were “Fraught With Fraud” And “Corrupt”. According to a Lake interview with Univision via YouTube, “HOST: Going back to the previous election, did you win? Were you defeated? How do you stand right now? LAKE: We had a corrupt election. We had an election that was fraught with fraud and I’ve pointed it out. We’ve shown the ways that they ran that election. And I’m still working to try to have our elections reformed so that all voters, whether they be Democrat, independent, or Republican, know that when they cast their legal vote, it counts. It’s not being watered down with a bunch of mail-in ballots that came from who knows where.” [Lake on Univision via YouTube, 1/21/24]

Lake Made Preemptive Election Fraud Claims For The 2024 Elections

Lake Predicted That Democrats Would Cheat In The 2024 Election

VIDEO: Lake Said Democrat Would Be Cheating In The 2024 Election. According to Lake on Bannon’s War Room via YouTube, “LAKE: I think things have gotten so bad that people are going to show up in such massive numbers that they won’t be able to cheat their way around it. And that’s why they’re trying to lock up President Trump. That’s why they’re trying to dissuade me from even being on the ticket.” [Lake on Bannon’s War Room via YouTube, 11/8/23]

AUDIO: Lake Said Republicans Would Overcome Democrat Cheating In The 2024 Election. According to Lake on the Grace Curley Show via SoundCloud, “LAKE: What we’re seeing is that we’ve exposed how they cheated and where the problems are. And so I think it’s going to be harder for them to pull the same tricks this next go around. There’s a reason they’re trying so hard to keep President Trump off the ballot. If they could just do the same tricks, they wouldn’t really care if he was on the ballot. […] I believe that when we show up in massive numbers, it’s going to be really hard for them to cheat a level that will influence the results.” [Lake on the Grace Curley Show via SoundCloud, 12/6/23]

Lake Cast Doubt On Early Voting And Mail-In Ballots

Lake Signed A Pledge To End Voting By Mail, Despite Doing So Herself For Years

Lake Signed The Patriot Party Of Arizona’s “Contract With Arizona” Which Called For An End To Mail-In Ballots. According to an op-ed in the Arizona Republic, “Both Kari Lake and Matt Salmon on Friday signed a Contract with Arizona, calling on Gov. Doug Ducey to immediately convene a special session of the Legislature to pass a ‘medical freedom’ law and a leaky raft of election law proposals, including an end to early voting […] The contract calls for Ducey and the Legislature to protect the unvaccinated by codifying health status as a protected class and to declare that ‘unconstitutional federal health mandates’ are not enforceable in Arizona.” [Arizona Republic, Laurie Roberts Op-Ed, 9/30/21]

AUDIO: Lake Said She Would Not Trust Vote By Mail. According to Lake on the Sean Hannity Show via SoundCloud, “LAKE: Some people want to vote with a mail-in ballot. I’m more comfortable voting on Election Day, because I know I would never put $500 cash in an envelope and mail it. And I look at my vote is worth more than $500. I don’t trust that type of voting. But if people want to vote that way, this is the system that we’re in and, by all means, vote however you’re comfortable.” [Lake on the Sean Hannity Show via SoundCloud, 10/11/23]


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