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JD Vance

JD Vance rose to fame as an anti-Trump conservative author after the 2016 election, but his future role could be serving as Donald Trump’s vice president. The Ohio senator has gone full MAGA, especially on issues like national security, abortion, and democracy. His extremism could put our nation at risk.


JD Vance And Abortion

Vance Supported Abortion Bans Without Exceptions For Rape Or Incest, Calling Pregnancies Conceived From Those Instances “Inconvenient”

Vance Supported A Complete Ban On Abortion Including In Cases Of Rape And Incest, Situations He Referred To As “Inconvenient”

Washington Post Headline: “Ohio Senate Candidate J.D. Vance Argues Against Need For Rape And Incest Exceptions In Abortion Laws” [Washington Post, 9/24/21]

Vance Defended Abortion Bans Without Exceptions For Rape, Calling Pregnancies Conceived During Rape Or Incest “Inconvenient.” According to the Daily Beast, “In a local news interview published Wednesday, author and venture capitalist turned Senate candidate J.D. Vance suggested he would support prohibiting abortion even in cases of rape and incest—and dismissed those catalysts as ‘inconvenient.’ Asked by Curtis Jackson of Spectrum News 1 in Columbus, OH, whether a woman should be forced to give birth even if the pregnancy was the result of incest or rape, Vance replied that ‘the question betrays a certain presumption that’s wrong.’ ‘It’s not whether a woman should be forced to bring a child to term; it’s whether a child should be allowed to live, even though the circumstances of that child’s birth are somehow inconvenient or a problem to the society,’ said Vance, who lags behind several Republican candidates in his Ohio primary.” [Daily Beast, 9/23/21]

AUDIO: Vance Said That He Was “Not A Fan” Of The “Various Exceptions” To Abortion Bans, Claiming That Fetuses Should Have Protection “From The Moment Of Conception.” According to Relatable With Allie Beck Stuckey via SoundCloud, “VANCE: So, I’m a pretty down the life, pro-life conservative. I really always have been even when I drifted away from the church. I always just cared about the abortion issue a great deal. I think those Christian morals were still influencing me. So, I’m not a fan of the various exceptions that are placed in. I think, obviously, you know, there are situations where maybe the life of the mother is threatened or look, we obviously got to recognize that there are tough circumstances and tough decisions to be made. But I really think that from the moment of conception, we should be protecting the life of the unborn.” [Relatable with Allie Beck Stuckey via SoundCloud, 7/22/21]

Vance Supported A Federal Ban On Abortion

Vance Said He “Would Like Abortion To Be Illegal Nationally”

Vance Said He “Would Like Abortion To Be Illegal Nationally”

AUDIO: Vance: “I Certainly Would Like Abortion To Be Illegal Nationally.” According to the What’s Left Podcast via SoundCloud, “VANCE: Yeah. I mean, I certainly would like abortion to be illegal nationally.” [What’s Left Podcast via SoundCloud, 1/24/22

Vance Said That Abortion Should Not Just Be A State Issue And That The Country Needs A “National Right To Life”

VIDEO: Vance Said That Abortion Should Not Just Be A State Issue But There Should Be A “National Right To Life.” According to an Ohio GOP Senate Forum via YouTube, “VANCE: We need a national right to life in this country, because it’s not just and shouldn’t just be a state issue. This should be the federal – a national – issue. We need to defend the right of our children to be born.” [Ohio GOP Senate Forum via YouTube, 10/14/21]

Vance Opposed Roe v. Wade

Vance Said Roe v. Wade Was “An Abomination” And Affected How He Viewed Judicial Nominees

VIDEO: Vance Said That Roe v. Wade Was “An Abomination,” And That A Judge’s Opposition To Roe v. Wade Would Affect His Approval Of Judicial Nominees. According to the Center For Christian Virtue’s US Senate Forum via YouTube, “VANCE: Look, Roe v. Wade is an abomination, they should think that or they’re not going to get my vote, right. That’s number one. Number two, they should believe fundamentally that the job of a judge is to interpret the law, not to make the laws as liberals and unfortunately, too many Republican appointed judges have done over the past 30 or 40 years. But to me, I you know, really what I look at a judicial nominee. I want to have a real conversation about what their underlying view of the Constitution is, because unfortunately, social conservatives have done the work. We have gone to bat for judicial nominations for 30 or 40 years, and very often we get stabbed in the back. You saw this with the Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court. Thank God social conservatives were able to put pressure on it. Then we got Sam Alito, who is probably one of the best Supreme Court justices right now. But at the end of the day, I want a judicial nominee who understands that the fundamental battle in America cannot be solved by another corporate tax cut. But we do not need judges who toe the Chamber of Commerce line and stab social conservatives in the back. I’m going to try to figure that out when I talk to judicial nomination.” [Center For Christian Virtue U.S. Senate Forum via YouTube, 10/24/21]

JD Vance And Ukraine

Vance Suggested That Ukraine Should Accept Defeat 

Vance Called For Ukraine To Potentially Cede Territory To Russia

Vance Said That Zelensky’s Goal Of Returning To Its 1991 Boundaries Was “Fantastical.” According to Vance’s Op-Ed in the New York Times, “By committing to a defensive strategy, Ukraine can preserve its precious military manpower, stop the bleeding and provide time for negotiations to commence. But this would require both American and Ukrainian leadership to accept that Mr. Zelensky’s stated goals for the war — a return to 1991 boundaries — are fantastical.” [Vance Op-Ed via the New York Times, 4/12/24]

Vance Encouraged A Negotiated Settlement Between Ukraine And Russia Where “Hopefully” Ukraine “Gets To Keep Its Country.” According to Politico, “Other lawmakers, like Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), suggested a negotiated settlement is the most likely outcome regardless of whether the U.S. sends more aid to Ukraine, which he’s opposed. ‘Washington always seems to be a few months behind the reality on the ground,’ Vance told POLITICO. ‘[I think there’s a] stalemate probably indefinitely and hopefully that leads to some sort of settlement where Ukraine gets to keep its country and the killing stops.’” [Politico, 2/27/24]

Vance Opposed Providing Aid To Ukraine

Vance Voted Against And Blocked Efforts To Fund Ukraine

April 2024: Vance Voted Against Ukraine Aid. According to Newsweek, “Fifteen Republican senators voted against a $95 billion foreign aid package to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan that was passed on Tuesday. […] The Republicans who voted against the bill were: […] J.D. Vance (OH).” [Newsweek, 4/24/24]

February 2024: Vance Opposed Ukraine Funding Bill

February 2024: Vance Refused To Vote For The Ukraine Funding Bill 

February 2024: Vance Said He Was A “Hell No” On The Ukraine Funding Bill. According to Vance via his personal Twitter, “The Washington Post is reporting that this Ukraine aid package is designed to control Donald Trump and make it impossible for him to get us out of this conflict. That’s why the funding extends well into next year. I’m a hell no.” [Vance via Twitter, 2/9/24]

February 2024: Vance Encouraged Republicans To Vote Against The Ukraine Funding Package

February 2024: Vance Said That He Did Not Support Sending Money To Ukraine As Part Of The Border Deal. According to Vance via his Senate Twitter, “The idea that we committed to supporting whatever came out of this negotiation is pure, unadulterated bullshit. We supported a negotiation to bring common sense border security to this country. We did not agree to a fig leaf to send another $61 billion to Ukraine.” [Scott via Twitter, 2/6/24]

February 2024: Vance Called Voting For Ukraine Funding A “Middle Finger To Voters.” According to Vance via his personal Twitter, “Amen to that. The way this process unfolded—secret negotiation for months, weak border policy, abandonment of the border for Ukraine immediately—confirms every worst fear our voters have about Washington. A vote to fund Ukraine today is a middle finger to voters. Quote Tweet: @marcorubio How can anyone vote to help stop the invasion of another country until they first do something REAL to stop the invasion of America?” [Vance via Twitter, 2/8/24

February 2024: Vance Called For A “Sanity Caucus” To Oppose The Ukraine Funding Package. According to Vance via his Senate Twitter, “WATCH: Senator @JDVance1 calls for ‘sanity caucus’ to pump brakes on standalone Ukraine aid push ‘Far too many Republican politicians are giving up on bringing common sense border security. It’s not good for the American people, and it’s certainly not what our voters want.’” [Vance via Twitter, 2/7/24]

April 2024: Vance Encouraged House Republicans To Block Debate On Foreign Aid Bill, Including Aid For Ukraine

April 2024: Vance Spoke Before The Republican Study Committee Urging House Republicans To Block All Foreign Aid Except For Aid To Israel In Order To Gain Concessions On Border Legislation. According to Politico, “Vance (R-Ohio) delivered the remarks Wednesday before the Republican Study Committee, the biggest House GOP caucus, according to three people in the room, who were granted anonymity to speak candidly about the closed-door weekly lunch. The Ohio conservative argued that apart from pushing through aid to Israel, there’s no reason to move on any of the other aid bills — which includes aid to Ukraine and Taiwan — until House Republicans secure border security victories, one of the three people said.” [Politico, 4/17/24]

April 2024: Vance’s Suggestions Were Not WellReceived By House Republicans. According to Politico, “But while Vance is aligned with many on Speaker Mike Johnson’s right flank, his advice wasn’t particularly well-received by all the House members in the room. Some scoffed at the idea that Vance would try to weigh in on their chamber’s business. ‘What does he know’ about House procedures, one lawmaker in the room quipped afterward.” [Politico, 4/17/24]

April 2024: Vance Said That The House Was Giving Democrats Everything They Wanted By Combining Ukraine And Israel Aid Packages, Calling The House Republicans’ Actions “Stupid Politics.” According to a Twitter thread via Vance’s personal Twitter, “Rumored course of action in the House: Combine Ukraine and Israel aid, with other Biden boondoggles. Send it all to the Senate as a combined package. Then let the House vote on a fake border security package that has no chance. Betrayal. And stupid politics to boot. Make the Democrats vote on Israel, and piss off one of their constituencies. Make the Democrats vote for Biden’s open border or not. Or fight for real border security. This is the ‘give Dems everything they want including political cover’ option. Just completely insane.” [Vance via Twitter, 4/17/24]

JD Vance On January 6 & Democracy 

Vance Suggested That He Would Not Have Certified The 2020 Election Results If He Were Vice President

Vance Suggested That He Would Not Have Certified The 2020 Election Results If He Were Vice President

Vance Claimed That The 2020 Election Results Should Not Have Been Certified Immediately. According to ABC News, “In a contentious interview with ABC News ‘This Week’ anchor George Stephanopoulos, Vance — a onetime Trump critic — also doubled down on his views of the 2020 election, saying the results shouldn’t have been immediately certified, and he went on to suggest Trump should ignore ‘illegitimate’ U.S. Supreme Court rulings.” [ABC News, 2/4/24]

Vance Said If He Had Been VP In 2020, He Would Have Demanded Multiple Slates Of Electors. According to ABC News, “’If I had been vice president, I would have told the states, like Pennsylvania, Georgia and so many others, that we needed to have multiple slates of electors and I think the U.S. Congress should have fought over it from there,’ he continued. ‘That is the legitimate way to deal with an election that a lot of folks, including me, think had a lot of problems in 2020. I think that’s what we should have done.’ The Constitution makes no such provisions for this. There has been no confirmed evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 race, and the results were affirmed by local officials across the country, including many Republicans.” [ABC News, 2/4/24]

Vance Downplayed The Seriousness Of The Events On January 6 

Vance Downplayed The Seriousness Of The Insurrection

Vance Said That Calling January 6 A Terrorist Attack Was “Just Insane.” According to Vance via his personal Twitter, “Calling J6 a ‘terrorist attack’ is just insane. And from 60 Minutes, nothing about the FBI entrapment in Michigan or the fact that the bureau colluded with the media to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. Time to investigate the corrupt leadership of this organization.” [Vance via Twitter, 4/26/22]

Vance Said That A Year And A Half After The Insurrection That It Did Not, “Affect Much Of Our Politics Today.” According to WKBN27, ‘“I think most people recognize that of course Jan. 6 was not a good day in our country’s history but it was a year and a half ago. It doesn’t affect much of our politics today,’ said Vance.” [WKBN27, 6/22/22]

VIDEO: Vance Said That Calling The Events On January 6 An Insurrection Is A “Gross Overstatement.” According to ABC News Live via YouTube, “VANCE: I mean, you call it insurrection – I think that’s a gross overstatement of what happened on January 6, and I think that people are ready to move beyond January the 6 and focus on the future.” [ABC News Live, 1/19/24


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