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Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore, who was once deemed too controversial for an appointment for the Federal Reserve, is back and he has Trump’s ear. Moore’s blatant sexism and his reluctance to pay taxes has made him detestable by people on both sides of the aisle, except for Trump.

Stephen Moore On Sexism

Moore Was Openly Sexist

Moore Openly Admitted To Having Double Standards Regarding Women And Men’s Conduct

Moore: “Call Me A Sexist, But I Hold Women To Higher Standards Of Conduct Than Men.” According to Moore in Fox News, “The marchers seemed to believe that resorting to vulgarity is a measure of women’s empowerment. They seemed to be saying: Look at me. I can cuss like a sailor. The chains are off. We are liberated, because we can be as profane as the men. Call me a sexist, but I hold women to higher standards of conduct than men.” [Fox News – Stephen Moore, 1/23/17]

Moore Stated That Men, Not Women, Needed To Be The Breadwinner Of The Family. According to CNN, “In an appearance on C-SPAN in 2000, first reported by The New York Times, Moore argued that self-sufficient women were leading to a decline in the American family and said men needed to be the breadwinners of the family. ‘It’s not a good thing that black women are making more than black men today. In fact, the male needs to be the breadwinner of the family, and one of the reasons I think you’ve seen the decline of the family, not just in the black community, but also it’s happening now in the white community as well, is because women are more economically self-sufficient,’ he said. ‘So, I would like to see an increase in black earnings because black men have not closed the gap as much as black women have.’” [CNN, 4/30/19]

Moore Complained About Women Sportscasters And Suggested Women Be Removed From All Roles In The NCAA

Moore Compared The NCAA Hiring Women Announcers And Commentators To Having “Wives Attend A Bachelor Party.” According to Moore in the National Review, “Another problem is that CBS now has women announcers and commentators. Is nothing sacred? This is like having wives attend a bachelor party. CBS caters its broadcasts to the marginal fan.” [National Review – Stephen Moore via the Internet Archive, 3/13/01]

Moore Withdrew From Contention For A Spot On The Federal Reserve Over His Writing On Women

Moore Withdrew From Consideration For A Seat On Trump’s Federal Reserve. According to the Associated Press, “Stephen Moore, a conservative commentator whom President Donald Trump had tapped for the Federal Reserve board, withdrew from consideration Thursday after losing Republican support in the Senate, largely over his past inflammatory writings about women.” [Associated Press, 5/2/19]

Stephen Moore On Unpaid Taxes

2019: Moore Owed Over $75,000 In Unpaid Federal Taxes And Over $330,000 In Child Support And Alimony

2019: Moore Owed $75,328.80 In Unpaid Federal Taxes, Interest, And Penalties From 2014

2019: Moore Owed $75,328.80 From The 2014 Tax Year With A Lien Placed Against Him In 2018. According to the New York Times, “Stephen Moore, the conservative economist whom President Trump plans to nominate for a seat on the Federal Reserve, owes $75,000 in unpaid federal taxes, interest and penalties, according to court documents filed last year. A lien for $75,328.80 from the 2014 tax year was entered against Mr. Moore at the request of the federal government in January 2018 in Montgomery County, Md., where he resides, the records show.” [New York Times, 3/27/19]

2019: Moore’s Wife Claimed That The Unpaid Taxes Stemmed From Incorrectly Deducting Child Support Payments. According to the New York Times, “According to Bloomberg News, Mr. Moore referred questions about the tax lien to his wife, Anne Carey, who said Mr. Moore had inadvertently deducted both alimony and child support payments to his former wife. Child support is not deductible on federal taxes. Alimony had been deductible for divorces, such as Mr. Moore’s, that were completed before the start of this year. Mr. Trump’s 2017 tax cut eliminated alimony deductibility for divorces going forward.” [New York Times, 3/27/19]

2013: Moore Was Found In Contempt Of Court Over Failure To Pay $330,000 In Child Support And Alimony

2013: Moore Failed To Pay Six Consecutive Months Of Child Support And Only A Fraction Of Alimony Which Totaled To More Than $330,000 And Was Found In Contempt Of Court. According to the New York Times, “Those records, posted online Monday by The Guardian, which first reported details of the divorce, show that a judge found Mr. Moore in contempt of court in March 2013 for failing to pay more than $330,000 in spousal support, child support, attorney’s fees and a one-time fee to his ex-wife. Mr. Moore had failed to pay six consecutive months of child support — and only a small fraction of the nearly $19,000 a month he had agreed to pay his ex-wife in the divorce settlement — at the time of the ruling.” [New York Times, 4/1/19]

Moore Failed To Respond To Court Requests For Payment And Show Up For A Deposition. According to the New York Times, “According to the records, Mr. Moore failed to respond to repeated requests from the Virginia court to make payments and did not show up for a deposition in the case. The court ordered him to sell his home to raise money to pay the debt and forced him to set up an automatic bank transfer each month. After Mr. Moore paid $217,000 toward the debt, Ms. Moore asked the court to revoke the order for Mr. Moore to sell his home, which it did.” [New York Times, 4/1/19]

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