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Linda McMahon

Linda McMahon, who formerly served in Trump’s cabinet, is back and is helping to fund Trump’s campaign and his PAC. McMahon’s support for Trump’s corporate tax giveaway and her work supporting people harmful to our democracy are disqualifying.

Linda McMahon and January 6 and Democracy

America First Policies Chaired By McMahon, Indirectly Funded The March To Save America On January 6

Women For America First Was The Main Group That Organized The March To Save America

The March To Save America Was Organized By A Group Known As Women For America First. According to CNBC, “The rally, officially known as the ‘March to Save America,’ was largely organized by a 501(c)(4) group known as Women for America First. The organization was certified by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit that can engage in limited political activities. These groups are known as dark money organizations as they do not publicly disclose their donors.” [CNBC, 1/9/21]

During The March To Save America Rally, Trump Encouraged His Supporters To March On Capitol Hill

At The March To Save America Rally, Trump Urged His Supporters To March To The Capitol. According to ABC News, “Speaking at the ‘March to Save America’ rally at the Ellipse in President’s Park on Wednesday, President Trump urged a sea of supporters to march to the Capitol in protest of the Electoral College vote count — telling the crowd he’d join them but ultimately not doing so — after delivering a speech pushing baseless and unfounded claims that the election was rigged and telling the rowdy crowd that ‘you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength.’” [ABC News, 1/8/21]

The Events Following The March To Save America Left At Least Nine Dead At The Capitol

Trump’s Order Sent Thousands Of His Supporters To The Capitol, Which Set Off A Series Of Events Leaving At Least Nine People Dead. According to the New York Times, “As a pro-Trump protest turned into a violent attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6 last year, four people in the crowd died. […] In the days and weeks after the riot, five police officers who had served at the Capitol on Jan. 6 died.” [New York Times, 1/5/22]

America First Policies Contributed $25,000 To Women For America First

America First Policies Contributed $25,000 To Women For America First. According to CNBC, “However, America First Policies, a pro-Trump policy advocacy dark money group, did disclose in 2019 that they contributed to Women for America First. America First’s 990 disclosure form from that year shows they contributed $25,000 to Women for America First.” [CNBC, 1/9/21]

Linda McMahon Chaired America First Policies, A Pro-Trump Policy Advocacy Group

Linda McMahon Chaired America First Policies. According to CNBC, “America First Policies, which is also a 501(c)(4) that does not disclose its donors, is chaired by Linda McMahon, a longtime Trump ally and former head of the Small Business Administration. The 2019 filing shows America First Policies ended up raising over $30 million. They were not involved with the planning of the rally itself.” [CNBC, 1/9/21]

Linda McMahon and Taxes

McMahon Backed Trump’s Tax Plan

McMahon Said Trump’s Tax Plan Was “Great News” For Small Business Owners

McMahon Said Trump’s Tax Plan Was “Great News” For Small Business Owners. According to Fox Business, “Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon says President Trump’s tax plan, announced Wednesday, is ‘great news’ for small business owners. ‘They’ll have more money in their pocket, they’ll grow their business, they’ll hire more people and they’re really looking forward to having the benefit of this tax cut.’” [Fox Business, 4/27/17]

McMahon Applauded Trump’s Tax Plan

McMahon Applauded Trump’s Efforts To Reduce Taxes. According to a press release from the Small Business Administration, “The following statement was made by U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon on President Trump’s visit to North Dakota, to speak on tax reform: ‘I am very happy to see President Trump visiting North Dakota to speak on tax reform. The current tax system is a huge burden to Americans and directly impacts the success and advancement of our nation’s small businesses. We will see a dramatic growth in the economy if we can lower our tax rate and simplify the tax code. […] More than 98 percent of businesses in North Dakota are small businesses! By cutting taxes, we are putting more money directly into the pockets of the hard-working American entrepreneur.  Consistently as I travel around the country meeting small business owners, they tell me that they will reinvest in their companies and hire more people if they can get a more favorable tax rate. We are looking for aggressive reductions, and I have the utmost confidence in President Trump that he will not settle for anything less than that.’” [Small Business Administration Press Release, 9/6/17]


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