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Unfit To Be Commander-In-Chief

News Wednesday, Oct 19 2016

Trump's Dangerous History Of Praising And Profiting Off Dictators

Donald Trump continued praising Vladimir Putin at tonight’s debate. Donald Trump has a troubling habit of praising and admiring brutal…

News Friday, Oct 14 2016

Donald Trump Sinks To New Low At Greensboro Rally

It's been one week since the Washington Post released the shocking, reprehensible tape of Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault. Today, Trump…

News Friday, Oct 14 2016

Pat Toomey Endorses Trump's Judgment

In a radio interview yesterday, Pat Toomey outright endorsed Donald Trump's judgment with respect to selecting and nominating Supreme Court justices. The…

News Thursday, Oct 13 2016

Trump still doesn't know why he's called "a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe"

Donald Trump this afternoon claimed that he's only being called "a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed," because he is…

News Thursday, Oct 13 2016

American Bridge Digital Billboard Truck Chases Rubio And Trump In South Florida

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump are only half an hour away from each other in South Florida today, but Rubio…

News Sunday, Oct 9 2016

Ten More Reasons Donald Trump Is Unfit To Serve As Commander in Chief

“Donald Trump did nothing tonight to stop his campaign’s self-induced freefall after the tape of his shameful remarks surfaced on…

News Sunday, Oct 9 2016

Short-Tempered & Short-Sighted

Anyone whose foreign policy mantra is "I love war" cannot be trusted to keep Americans safe. Donald Trump repeatedly proves he's…

News Sunday, Oct 9 2016

To Trump, Women Are Objects Used For Entertainment and Housework

As far as Donald Trump is concerned women are objects that exist purely to stroke his ego, entertain him, and…

News Sunday, Oct 9 2016

Unstable. Unpredictable. Unfit.

Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief.   When…

News Saturday, Oct 8 2016

Pence knows the real Donald Trump –>

In Mike Pence's judgment, Donald Trump -- a raging sexist who brags about sexually assaulting women -- is broad-shouldered and a bold truth-teller. Other…

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