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Party Of Trump

News Tuesday, Mar 1 2016

By Channeling Trump, Cruz Wins In The Lone Star State

Ted Cruz can proclaim victory tonight in his must-win home state of Texas. Cruz remains the only Republican candidate who…

News Tuesday, Mar 1 2016

The Republican Party Further Embraces Bigotry And Extremism

"Donald Trump’s Message Resonates With White Supremacists" read a New York Times headline today. True as that may be, Donald…

News Tuesday, Mar 1 2016

GOP Senate 2016ers Are The Party Of Trump

On Super Tuesday, American Bridge 21st Century highlights the GOP Senate 2016ers support for Donald Trump. Whether it's pledging their support, finding Trump entertaining, or scoring some…

News Monday, Feb 29 2016

GOP Outrage Means Nothing

Hey Ted and Marco- We know you found the outrage setting to deal with Trump, but it doesn't mean bupkis…

News Wednesday, Feb 24 2016

Party of Trump Hands The Donald Another Victory In Nevada

With a strong second place finish in Iowa followed by crushing first place victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and now Nevada,…

News Saturday, Feb 20 2016

Marcomentum Gives Way To Reality, As Rubio Yet Again Fails To Meet Expectations

Just over two weeks ago, Marco Rubio was touting his third-place finish in Iowa as "beating expectations," despite losing to Ted…

News Saturday, Feb 20 2016

Another Trump Victory, Another Loss For Establishment Republicans

With Donald Trump's easy win tonight in South Carolina, the Republican establishment's chances of doing anything to halt his momentum…

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