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News Thursday, Mar 23 2017

Spicer Questions: Make Or Break Edition

Mar 23, 2017

Today’s the day: Trumpcare’s political fate hangs in the balance as do the lives of the 26 million people who would lose insurance if this bill becomes law. Additionally, the steady drip of controversy surrounding the ongoing Russia scandal continues and Democrats are planning to filibuster Judge Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah says “This may be the worst week yet for Donald Trump,” and calls on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to answer the following questions:

1. How does removing “essential benefits” like pregnancy and newborn care, pediatric care, substance abuse services, and prescription drugs coverage possibly make this a better bill let alone more likely to pass?

2. Do you know that the extra $60 million in taxpayer dollars for Trump’s Secret Service costs could cover 10,135 Pell Grants or Meals On Wheels deliveries for a year for 21,699 seniors? Does the White House stand by this trade off?

3. Did you try again to distance Trump from former campaign chairman Paul Manafort because you knew the AP and CNN stories were coming?

4. How can you call it “insane” to think Trump should have known about Paul Manafort’s work for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska when he demands “extreme vetting” for refugees coming into this country?

5. Wikileaks released John Podesta’s emails one hour after the infamous Access Hollywood tape came out on October 7, 2016. Who on the Trump campaign gave the Russians the “thumbs up” to move forward as CNN reports?

Published: Mar 23, 2017

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