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David McCormick

David McCormick Mehmet Oz Thursday, Mar 24 2022

PA’s $40M+ Scorched Earth GOP Primary

Today’s Fox News headline says it all: “Pennsylvania is home to most expensive Senate race in nation.” According to AdImpact data…

David McCormick Mehmet Oz Wednesday, Mar 16 2022

David McCormick’s Hedge Fund Made Over Half $1 Billion In Fees. Pennsylvania Retirees Got “Middling” Returns.

David McCormick’s hedge fund made over half $1 billion in fees. Pennsylvania retirees got “middling” returns.

David McCormick Mehmet Oz Monday, Mar 14 2022

Keystone Cons: More Mehmet Oz and David McCormick Campaign Rhetoric That Doesn’t Match Their Records

Why are Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidates David McCormick and Mehmet Oz lying to voters and trying to cover up their records?

David McCormick Tuesday, Feb 15 2022

Why’s McCormick Trying To Cover Up His Record On China And Outsourcing?

Despite Connecticut hedge fund executive David McCormick's best efforts to try to distance himself from his former boss Ray Dalio on China and posture…

David McCormick Mehmet Oz Tuesday, Feb 8 2022

McCormick Faces Increasing Questions On China, Outsourcing

Despite campaign rhetoric, McCormick previously slammed “Buy American” provisions and bragged about outsourcing record The disaster that is Pennsylvania’s GOP…

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