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News Economy Saturday, Jan 1 2011

Scott Brown On The Economy

Brown Opposed Small Business Tax Breaks Bill, Which Passed Without His Support. In September 2010, Brown opposed and attempted to filibuster a bill to provide small businesses with tax breaks and other benefits. “The measure…would create a $30 billion government fund to encourage lending and would eliminate capital gains taxes for long-term investors in some small businesses.” In explaining his opposition, Brown said that the bill included a provision “just like TARP”. The bill included the extension of some Small Business Administration lending programs and fee waivers, which some 2,270 Massachusetts small businesses had already taken advantage of according to the SBA. The measure passed without Brown’s support. [Boston Globe, 9/15/10]

News Wednesday, Aug 8 2018

REMINDER: Rick Scott Attacked Both of His Opponents' Spouses In Past Elections

Self-serving Rick Scott wants Democrats and the media to back off investigating his hypocritical and conflict-ridden investments, because he knows…

News Thursday, Oct 25 2012

Romney Adviser: Income Inequality Doesn’t Matter Because The Poor Own Microwaves

WASHINGTON -- Romney economic adviser and American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Kevin Hassett wrote an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal criticizing those concerned with the growing gap between the rich and the poor because many low income households own basic appliances, such as microwaves. Hassett’s views echo those of Mitt Romney, who has criticized Americans concerned with inequality as being driven by “envy,” and said that discussions about the topic do not belong in public, but instead be reserved for “quiet rooms.” “Growing income inequality is a major issue in this election, and a major issue for our economy. What Mitt Romney doesn’t understand is that improving the fortunes of low income Americans would expand the middle class and serve as a booster shot for our economy.” said American Bridge president Rodell Mollineau. “Video has shown us that when Mitt Romney speaks about inequality in his ‘quiet rooms,’ he does it not to address the problem, but to mock and attack his fellow Americans who are struggling. That’s not just wrong -- that's straight up mean.”

News Wednesday, Aug 23 2017

MEMO: Gillespie, Trump, and Stewart: Three Divisive Peas in a Pod

MEMO: Gillespie, Trump, and Stewart: Three Divisive Peas in a Pod TO: Interested Parties FROM: Jessica Mackler, American Bridge President DATE: August 23, 2017 Ed…

News Monday, May 8 2017

The Flynn Timeline You Need Ahead Of Yates’s Testimony

As former Acting Attorney General prepares to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, American Bridge has prepared the…

News Taxes Thursday, Oct 29 2015

Rubio Was Wrong: Anti-Middle Class Tax Plan In Light Of Day

Marco Rubio couldn't hide the truth about his regressive tax plan at last night's debate. Unfortunately for Rubio, multiple analyses…

News Friday, Jul 31 2015

MEMO: "Inclusive?" Jeb's Record Of Failing African Americans

TO: Interested Parties FROM: Eddie Vale, Vice President, American Bridge 21st Century RE:  "Inclusive?" Jeb's Record Of Failing African Americans DATE: July 31st, 2015…

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