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Nicole Shanahan Flops in First Major Television Interview

Jun 21, 2024

Since she was announced as RFK Jr.’s running mate almost three months ago, Nicole Shanahan has avoided speaking to major news outlets, posted screenshots of media inquiries including sensitive contact information for reporters, and characterized at least one profile of her life as “slander,” despite ignoring multiple requests to comment on the story.

Shanahan showed why she’s been running from and attacking the media in her first major television interview. Speaking with Elex Michaelson of FOX 11, Shanahan cited her knowledge of batteries and world religions as proof she was prepared to step into the role as Commander-in-Chief if needed. That was just the tip of the iceberg in an interview that included right-wing anti-abortion talking points, dangerous anti-vaccination rhetoric, and false claims that Trump and Biden are “identical.”

Five face-plant moments from Nicole Shanahan’s first major television interview:

  1. Shanahan isn’t ready for prime time or the presidency. When asked what made her prepared to be Commander-in-Chief, Shanahan cited her understanding of how we “build batteries around the world” as proof she is prepared to step into the role if needed. Shanhan failed to cite any relationships with or connections to foreign leaders, but oddly referred to her “multicultural” background and experience “studying world religions” as further evidence of her foreign policy bonafides.
  2. Shanahan wants to end ALL vaccine mandates for children. Despite vaccines being safe, effective, and responsible for the eradication of dangerous diseases like polio and smallpox, the anti-vaccination zealot wants to eliminate mandatory vaccinations for children even as they reach an age where they spend lots of time in childcare facilities or school rooms.
  3. The anti-IVF crusader has no concern or urgency about addressing the state of reproductive health care in post-Roe America. Shanahan defended the Dobbs decision and claimed she could “see a benefit” to allowing extreme state legislatures around the country to enforce draconian bans on abortion care and potentially punish people who receive or administer care. Shanahan claimed “we have to make the best with what we have,” instead of outlining a plan to codify Roe and protect reproductive rights, doubling down on the campaign’s position to ban abortions and force women to give birth after a certain number of weeks.
  4. Like RFK Jr., Shanahan traffics in lies and false equivalences on the issue of threats to democracy. Shanahan, who donated to the DNC as recently as the fall of 2023, claimed without evidence the Democratic Party “hates democracy.” She also claimed there was no difference between President Biden and Donald Trump, despite the latter being a twice-impeached convicted criminal who led a violent insurrection to overturn an election he knew he lost.
  5. Shanahan exposed her campaign has no path to victory. We’re not sure if it is political inexperience or her campaign being built to spoil the election — or both — but when asked which state the campaign could win, Shanahan refused to answer. The truth is that RFK Jr.’s campaign doesn’t have a shot at winning any states let alone the election in November.

Published: Jun 21, 2024

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