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Monday, Jan 9 2012

VIDEO: American Bridge Awards Rob Cornilles The BS Championship

With the college football BCS championship tonight only hours away, American Bridge 21st Century has decided to award our own “BS Championship” to Rob Cornilles, a candidate for Congress in Oregon’s 1st District. We have assembled a video highlighting his questionable business practices and tendency to inflate his record for political gain. “Rob Cornilles should know by now that he cannot blatantly lie to constituents and get away with it. He has a lot of explaining to do, and his BS Championship award will give him plenty of opportunities to talk about his business record on the campaign trail,” said Matt Thornton, spokesman for American Bridge 21st Century.

Wednesday, Nov 2 2011

Texas Tribune: UT/TT Poll: Most Texans Don't Credit Perry on Economy

On November 1, 2011, the Texas Tribune reported:

A key part of Gov. Rick Perry's pitch to Republican presidential primary voters is the performance of the state's economy — especially in job creation — during his tenure as governor. But Texas voters, for the most part, are more likely to see him as a bystander to the state's success than its driver, according to the new University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll.

Wednesday, Sep 7 2011

MEMO: Questions For The Republican Debate

Last month, the Republican Presidential candidates met on a debate stage about a week after the resolution of the debt ceiling debacle. In their attempts to top one another in their pandering to the Tea Party, their political brinksmanship outlined a vision for America that would have assured default and advocated dangerous economic policies that would push our economy over the edge. Tonight, the candidates meet while jobs are at the forefront of national attention. The American people want to see if these Republicans can offer something other than the failed policy prescriptions that got us into this mess. While Republicans want to talk about cutting taxes for corporations with record profits at the expense of the middle class, the American people expect answers to these questions...

Friday, Aug 12 2011

MEMO: Unanswered Questions From The GOP Debate / Rick Perry Joins The Race

Thursday night, the Republican candidates for President took the stage for a debate in Iowa.

Though the proceedings were overshadowed by Rick Perry, who is following in Fred Thompson's footsteps as the GOP's "next big thing," there was a moment in the debate which provided perhaps the most important insight into the current state of the Republican Party. Each of the candidates raised their hand to indicate that they would walk away from any compromise legislation that included revenue, even at a 10:1 ratio in favor of spending cuts. This should not be considered a surprise considering the brinksmanship of Republican candidates who have used extreme rhetoric advocating default or dangerous economic policies to push our economy over the edge.

With that said, here are the questions that we’re still waiting for Republican candidates to answer, after the jump.

Friday, Aug 12 2011

MEMO: Some Things To Consider As You Cover Rick Perry

Like his campaign predecessors Fred Thompson and Jon Huntsman, Gov. Rick Perry’s imminent announcement has inspired buzz and high expectations. Dissatisfied Republicans are in a frenzy over the GOP’s “next big thing.” Unfortunately though they fail to look past the glamour of a budding campaign and see who the candidate really is. We know political journalists will not do the same. Just as Fred Thompson failed to live up to the mythology surrounding his candidacy, America will soon discover Rick Perry is not what he seems. When the excitement around Perry inevitably dies down, as it did with Huntsman, an inherently flawed candidate will emerge. After the jump, some basic information to help guide you as you write about Rick Perry’s record in Texas, along with some important questions we hope this new presidential candidate will answer in the very near future.

Friday, Aug 12 2011

Rick Perry: Jobs Wizard?

Rick Perry is quick to tout his state’s job growth on the campaign trail, but the real story of the Texas jobs “miracle” is decidedly mixed. The state’s private sector job growth has been far outpaced by the Texas government, and many new positions are low-paying and lack benefits: Texas is tied with Mississippi for the highest percentage of low-wage workers in the country. The state also boasts a variety of natural advantages not easy replicated, ranging from its oil and natural gas reserves to a massive border with Mexico. And Perry’s primary economic incentive tools as governor – the Texas Enterprise Fund and Emerging Technology Fund – have issued grants to businesses owned by Perry’s political donors even when they fail to create jobs. View the supporting research after the jump.

Friday, Aug 12 2011

MEMO: Rehberg's Job Corps Hypocrisy

Today, Congressman Rehberg will do a “stop-in” at the Trapper Creek Job Corp Center in Darby. No doubt, he will use this opportunity to lavish praise on the organization as he mounts his bid for U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, this is just one more example of Congressman Rehberg trying to take credit in Montana for projects he votes against in Washington D.C. As seen below, Congressman Rehberg has attacked the Job Corps even going as far as to questioning their effectiveness. Unfortunately, this is just one more example of Congressman Rehberg saying one thing in Montana and doing another in Washington DC. Congressman Dennis Rehberg has continually gone to Washington DC and stabbed Montanans in the back. Whether it is ending Medicare as we know it, slashing Social Security, or voting against funding for vital projects and programs, no amount of rhetoric will be able to overcome his decade long record of voting against Montana. Detailed research after the jump.

Friday, Jul 15 2011

Romney Attacked Obama For Being Soft On Chinese Trade, Yet Opposes Steel And Tire Tariffs

Romney Accused Obama Of Not Taking China “To The Mat” On Trade. According to the Eagle Tribune, “He also was critical of Obama over trade with China.’ The President said he would take China to the mat,’ Romney said. ‘He's been taken to the door mat instead. I won't let that happen.’” [Eagle Tribune, 7/15/11] More research after the jump

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