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News Tuesday, Aug 28 2018

American Bridge Launches First General Election Ad Against Trump Yes-Man Ron DeSantis

Aug 28, 2018

Watch the ad, “Trump’s Yes Man,” here

Tomorrow, American Bridge will launch its first general election ad against new Republican nominee for Governor, Ron DeSantis. The ad highlights how if elected, Ron DeSantis would be focused on appeasing Donald Trump, not helping Florida families.

“Ron DeSantis has been a spineless yes-man for Donald Trump in Washington, and he’d continue to be one as Governor,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Ron DeSantis voted for Trump’s tax giveaway to the wealthy, supported Trump’s plan to take away health care from millions of Floridians, and seems more interested in defending Trump from a Washington television studio than improving the lives of Florida families. This November, Florida voters will elect a Governor who will finally put Florida first, not a Trump yes-man like Ron DeSantis.”

The ad begins running tomorrow on social media in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami and is targeted to swing voters.

Watch the ad below.

Published: Aug 28, 2018

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